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Jennie Sweeney

May 2021

Welcome to our newsletter Today is midsummer day – the Summer solstice and the longest day of the year.  I love the lengthening days and the long evenings and the late setting sun.  Although the pandemic means that the future still looks uncertain for us,… Read More »May 2021

April 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our newsletter A huge thanks to all the ambassadors for Odysseys Presents on Wednesday 5 May. It was a really inventive afternoon, featuring poetry, dance, song and two animations, one commissioned by Jen and generously created by Katya and the second animation was… Read More »April 2021 Newsletter

March 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our newsletter Hello  I hope you all enjoyed the brief flirtation with Summer and the surprise of the warmth this weekend. Happy Easter!  Our latest project, Forget Me Nots, will be screened at The Institute of Neurology.  It tells the story of the… Read More »March 2021 Newsletter

February 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our newsletter February has been a busy month with a focus on poetry, we held a poetry skills workshop for all Ambassadors and these poems were then showcased at the Odysseys Presents event, this time hosted by Bristol. We are looking forward to… Read More »February 2021 Newsletter

December 2020

Welcome, from Lucinda On the 4th December we held our first cabaret style event, Odysseys Presents… Ambassadors from London, Reading and Bristol came together to share their own original work – to read stories and poems, perform songs, show films – we even had an… Read More »December 2020

Dedicated to my Mother

At the end of a busy, varied life, my mother was hit by a series of strokes, at first so minor as to be almost unnoticeable, then becoming more serious. Gradually, very gradually, her speech deteriorated. At first it was as if a poltergeist was… Read More »Dedicated to my Mother

Shocking Shakeh

The Shakeh brings Pauline back into the world. For Victoria this dance, like the sudden strike of stroke, is Shocking.

The Miracle

The emotional fall-out of stroke can be overwhelming. A trip to Lourdes offers Jamsie and Christine a surprise cure for depression and tears.


When Ken was a ploughboy he would shout Hough and Heigh to get his horses to pull more to the left or the right. Fifty years later he drew inspiration from the memory of these commands when they took away his driving license because a stroke had resulted in him veering to the left whilst driving.