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February 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our newsletter

February has been a busy month with a focus on poetry, we held a poetry skills workshop for all Ambassadors and these poems were then showcased at the Odysseys Presents event, this time hosted by Bristol.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone for the next skills workshop on Tuesday 2nd March.

We have been working with a new group people living with the effects of in London, writing and rehearsing original music, movement and working with a composer and an animator on a new piece called Forget Me Nots…we will be sharing with you in the Spring.

On the 12th February Odysseys Presents came live from Bristol! 

Ambassadors from London, Reading and Bristol came together to share their own original work – to read stories and poems, perform songs, show artwork – we even had an open mic session. The next event is happening on 30th April and will be hosted by the London Ambassadors.

Call for volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to support a play reading of Leslie’s short play at the next Odysseys Presents on 30 April. If anyone was interested, do let us know.  We are looking for three or four people to work together to perform this. 

Above: Janice, Andy, Julie, Pete, Hazel and Marcus share their original piece ‘The masks we wear’ and a selection of their art work.

To view the full event, please visit the Rosetta Life Facebook page.

The launch of the National Centre for Creative Health on 9th March

Odysseys is going to offer a presentation at the launch of the National Centre for Creative Health on 9th March, we are hoping that we will manage to tell more people about the strength of your voices and how we are able to change the story of brain injury.

The Pandemic Response

We have managed to work successfully throughout the pandemic and have secured funding to film all our next series of sessions so that we can create an online learning programme for artists and health care practitioners.
We are creating a “living laboratory” of research in a studio from April and are looking for four London – based ambassadors to work with Melanie and Lucinda in a studio and live stream each workshop to people at home.  Please get in touch with Jennie if you are interested.  You will need to be able to attend each session for twelve weeks from Tuesday 20 April – 6 July in a physical space in South London.

Skills workshop Tuesday 2nd March

Please join us at 2pm on Tuesday 2nd March for a skills workshops in Movement with dance artist Louise. There are 20 spaces available so please let Jennie know if you can attend.

Your space to share art work.

Send your work to Jennie for the next newsletter

Lil, London company.

Lil, London “A Lucien Freud, though I used the colour blue, the original was black”

Fiona, Reading.

Family Portrait

Sonia, Reading company

Vase of flowers.

Oil on canvas.

We hope you will join us on Tuesday 2nd March at 2pm for a skills workshop with dance artist Louise. Please let Jennie know if you can attend

We will see you on Monday 8th March for a session with the London Ambassadors for Odysseys presents.

Rose and Lizzie – Zig Zag, performance in Bristol, 2020.

In London we begin recruiting new members in March and we will be showcasing a new piece of work that has been made in workshops every Tuesday over the last 12 weeks. If you know of an organisation that would like to refer people to the project and receive a screening of the film, please let us know.

Odysseys presents, our online cabaret event, will be hosted by London Ambassadors in April. If you would like to contribute, please contact us.

We hope to see you for the skills workshop on 2nd March and for the odysseys presents planning session on Monday 8th March

The Reading group have been devising the next part of the opera – Weathering the Storm. The libretto will be shared with the group on 26th February. Rehearsals will begin in June for a performance on the 30th July.

Reading Ambassadors have also been supporting our work remotely at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Reading group will be hosting Odysseys Presents in June.

Iconic Lion at Forbury Gardens, Reading, some of the Ambassadors enjoying a meeting outside this summer.

2nd March Skills Workshop – all welcome.

8th March Odysseys Presents planning meeting – London and Bristol

9th March – Launch of National Centre for Creative Health, Lucinda and Pauline will be presenting

30th April – Odysseys presents

Films from 2020

Recap – some of the work we couldn’t tour last year with you.

We’re Going Places – Reading

Zig Zag – Bristol

Choochi – London

Through the Window – London

Learn from Us – London

I Look For The Think – Whole Company and Garsington Opera Adult Community Company

As we head into Spring and we ease our way out of lockdown, it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts on the path ahead. Here’s a poem from Fiona, asking us not to rush…


Out out let's go out into the world 
Mask on face
Take time - no race
Too much noise
Too many birds
Too much traffic
Too many nerves

Onto the bus, don't sit too close
Please don't sneeze
Please don't cough
Please keep your distance
please don't ask me a question.

Into the shops, what will it be? 
People smile with their eyes
Please help, a surprise
People just want to say hello.

I can do this again
Later on, after my rest...