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We share our stories through public performances and film.

 We produce high quality films of all our performances and at the end of each project, focus groups are held, where together we watch and reflect on the work we made together. 
Here is a collection of films from our performance companies. 

Those who suffer long-term illness are often ignored. Their voice isn’t heard. Something like this is a very novel and unique way of bringing the story out and allowing people to experience the emotion that goes with stroke and recovery from stroke

Tom McIlhinney (Chair Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke)

The first Stroke Odysseys creative workshops for Lambeth and Southwark.
Stroke Odysseys in Embryo. Lucinda Jarrett and Chris Thomson lead a creative movement intervention in the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit of the NHNN, Queen Square. Directed by Magali Charrier.
Chris Rawlence describes the background to this remarkable twelve song cycle developed with those touched by stroke and inspired by individual experiences of stroke. Performed with a choir made up from those in recovery from stroke, their carers, and volunteers from the stroke community. Presented at Derry Playhouse 4th/5th November 2013. A City of Culture 2013 event.
As Heather wakes to a life without speech in the stroke unit at Altnagelvin Hospital, a Catholic family in the next bay offers her husband John a small relic of at Columb to help speed Heather's recovery. How does a Protestant family respond to this healing gesture?
What happens when professional dancers bring their experience to the world of stroke rehabilitation. Lucinda Jarrett and Chris Thomson trial Stroke Odysseys in embryo at the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery.
Lauren Marks recalls a blissful post-stroke awakening after a devastating aneurism reduced her vocabulary to 50 words.
Self-image. Beauty and elegance above while below you're paddling like mad.
Kim leads a chorus of howls and dares to dance on the wild side.
Dr Isaac Sorinola, Physiotherapy Programme Director, KCL, offers a view on the brain's potential to repair itself after stroke.
Becoming a creative part of South London's Stroke Community.
Stroke Odysseys helps with living life after stroke.
Performing your story to an audience can help recovery from stroke.  
Anne relives a place of safe serenity, before her stroke.
Jamsie likes to put on his coat without help - however long it takes. Stroke survivors often need to take their own time - meanwhile, the world can wait. It reminds them of who they are.
When Seamus lost the use of his left hand he couldn't believe that the useless thing that hung from his arm belonged to him. Then he named his cramped fingers after the members of his boyhood family so that he could get to know them again. A powerful song from Stroke Odysseys performed as part of Derry-Londonderry's City of Culture 2013.
When the man in your life can no longer fix things around the house you suddenly miss the male skills you had come to depend on. Marie confronts changing a light bulb and mowing the lawn.
What it means to be a volunteer in Derry's stroke community.
An impending stroke can be signalled by strange changes in perception. Tom tells seeing unexpected colours.
Coming to terms with the changes wrought by stroke. Here is Jamsie's story, told by his wife and carer, Christine.
When Ken was a ploughboy he would shout Hough and Heigh to get his horses to pull more to the left or the right. Fifty years later he drew inspiration from the memory of these commands when they took away his driving license because a stroke had resulted in him veering to the left whilst driving.
The emotional fall-out of stroke can be overwhelming. A trip to Lourdes offers Jamsie and Christine a surprise cure for depression and tears.
Mixed feelings about the gift of language.
The Shakeh brings Pauline back into the world. For Victoria this dance, like the sudden strike of stroke, is Shocking.
Pit Theatre, Barbican, 8th June 2016.  Professor of Physics, Titus, presents his song about the advances and setbacks of stroke recovery.
South Londoners in recovery from stroke watch themselves performing in a Stroke Odysseys presentation, 16 Dec 2015, and tell us what they think of it!
The London Stroke Community performing at The Pit Theatre, Barbican, 8 June 2016.  A Cabbie and a Bus Driver, both in recovery from Stroke, revisit the mental maps that once guided them through London's streets.
Should artists working health settings expect to be stretched in their work? What is the artist's responsibility if the intervention takes participants to difficult places? Composer Orlando Gough risks some difficult music wth a group of stroke survivors.
When I came round from my stroke the first thing I noticed was...  
A charade-like guessing game leads to the threshold of aphasia
Poet Robert Frost's quote hints at the journey of stroke rehabilitation    
When Kim first surfaced from his stroke he felt he was lost in the world's furthest place... or his partner had fled there.
Stroke survivors tell of when the stroke first struck      
Innocent fun with the nonsense speak of aphasia  
Magali challenges Kim to reveal his mother's name.  To no avail!      
Honora and Lucinda challenge each other with an echoing word game  
Prep school trauma recalled
Stroke survivors and artists describe their participation in Stroke Odysseys Research and Development programme    
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