About the Project

Stroke Odysseys is a journey on which voices are heard, obstacles are overcome and new friends are made.

Working with professional singers, dancers, song-writers and composers, participants will be encouraged to share their stories, experiences and feelings through presentations which may be shared with others.

Stroke Odysseys is an arts in health design initiative that will lead to a clinically approved creative arts intervention for the South London stroke communities. The intervention is being co-created by artists working with South London's stroke communities and will develop voice and movement practices that reduce the anxiety and depression faced by those living with an altered image of themselves.

Stroke Odysseys is designed to challenge the institutionalisation people come up against while undergoing hospital rehabilitation, and will offer new creative skills and opportunities that counter the frustration and lack of agency faced by those who are living with the effects of a stroke in the community.

The need for this work has been identified by a wide network of clinicians, health care practitioners, patients and family members who are guiding the direction of the project through a series of practice research workshops.


One of the big problems for people who have had a stroke is that they may develop significant anxiety, particularly around the risk of developing further strokes as well as low self esteem and confidence. There are relatively few interventions that we have for people living with stroke to address some of the psychological complications that arise and it would seem to be that this is potentially an intervention that could potentially be developed and used widely at relatively low cost and potentially great benefit.

Tony Rudd CBE, Professor of Stroke Medicine, King’s College London, Consultant Stroke Physician GSTT NHS Foundation Trust, National Clinical Director for Stroke NHS England, London Stroke Clinical Director.