Old Pathways

Dr Isaac Sorinola, Physiotherapy Programme Director, KCL, offers a view on the brain’s potential to repair itself after stroke.


Stroke and the Dancers

What happens when professional dancers bring their experience to the world of stroke rehabilitation. Lucinda Jarrett and Chris Thomson trial Stroke Odysseys in embryo at the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery.


The Relic

As Heather wakes to a life without speech in the stroke unit at Altnagelvin Hospital, a Catholic family in the next bay offers her husband John a small relic of at Columb to help speed Heather’s recovery. How does a Protestant family respond to this healing gesture?


Stroke Odysseys Derry – Introduction

Chris Rawlence describes the background to this remarkable twelve song cycle developed with those touched by stroke and inspired by individual experiences of stroke. Performed with a choir made up from those in recovery from stroke, their carers, and volunteers from the stroke community. Presented at Derry Playhouse 4th/5th November 2013. A City of Culture 2013 event.