The Dismantled Clarinet

Should artists working health settings expect to be stretched in their work? What is the artist’s responsibility if the intervention takes participants to difficult places? Composer Orlando Gough risks some difficult music wth a group of stroke survivors.

Mental Maps

The London Stroke Community performing at The Pit Theatre, Barbican, 8 June 2016.  A Cabbie and a Bus Driver, both in recovery from Stroke, revisit the mental maps that once guided them through London’s streets.

Shocking Shakeh

The Shakeh brings Pauline back into the world. For Victoria this dance, like the sudden strike of stroke, is Shocking.

The Miracle

The emotional fall-out of stroke can be overwhelming. A trip to Lourdes offers Jamsie and Christine a surprise cure for depression and tears.


When Ken was a ploughboy he would shout Hough and Heigh to get his horses to pull more to the left or the right. Fifty years later he drew inspiration from the memory of these commands when they took away his driving license because a stroke had resulted in him veering to the left whilst driving.