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I am an ex- teacher.  In 2018 in February I had a stroke. I was at the hospital when a second episode happened and was thrombolised pretty quickly. My face fall and would tick, my left side weakened, my speech was muddled, and sometimes touretteey, aphasia meant  that I sometimes sang songs related to words I was searching for. I was left with a wierd memory, fatigue and overwhelming depression. 

I joined the stroke association who gave fantastic support and one day a group called Rosetta life came and asked us to join a stoke Odyssey, a journey to support recovery through music and dance. A small group of us joined, all with varying degrees of issues, movement, confidence and speech. We found a new group of friends where we could be happy ,sad, silly, busy, quiet and creative at our own levels. Everyone was hugely valued and made the fun things we did was tailored to meet the needs of those in the group and challenge our movement and self expression without even realising that’s what we were doing . It concluded with a show, a performance to this we love and anyone who wanted to watch, we all helped write the words and songs were made from our ideas. Professional singers and musicians, dance teachers and helpers supported the production which gave all pride and a sense of comradery, which means we all feel close to one another . I loved being a part if it and feeling that I can do something that gives me confidence and pride.