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I unfortunately experienced two strokes in 2015. The that same year I lost my wife Sarah to ischaemic heart disease, R.I.P. She only was 52 and so full of life. This had a profound effect on me and my lifestyle, which I believe was the main cause of my strokes. After many months in hospital and with much care and lots of help from my O.T.”s I was finally discharged. In those dark times, I was offered the chance to join a Support Group, Bristol after Stroke. It was through them I found out about Rosetta life and this Odysseys project and I was able to join. Our task was to create and learn an Opera, and to do a performance, which I never dreamed of ever being able to try!! I felt so uplifted and inspired by the rest of our group and that they were all in a similar situation as me that I was able to continue !! I feel that I`ve been able to build really good friendships and a closeness with everybody in the project. It’s given me a new purpose in life, and to only look forward. We Post-Stroke patients have a CRATIVE FUTURE as well, and a voice, you never realise there is so many lovely people in the World that are so far away from you, in that have had a stroke but are so close. It seems weird but my strokes brought me a new sense of purpose to be able to seek a kind of Sanctuary, who I am, who I could be !! Thank you so much Rosetta life, Odysseys!