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Before my stroke I was a morris dancer and I played bass guitar in a Ceilidh band.

That was one of my big motivations to recover, to be able to play music and dance again. Now, twenty one years later I still dance the Morris and play in several bands although I struggle to remember the names of the dances or the names of the tunes we play. Apart from my memory issues, the only real lasting effect I still suffer from my stroke is loss of vision, I can not see out of the right hand side of each eye.

I am now semi retired and I volunteer for Bristol After Stroke. It was through BAS that I became aware of Odyssey’s. It is such a joy working with these people, overcoming our various challenges, to produce something creative and so positive. I have yet to witness any of my new friends coming away from a Stroke Odyssey’s session without a smile on their face!