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Rosetta Life – Our code of ethics

Rosetta Life code of ethics of consent


“Rosetta Life is committed to a policy of safeguarding the privacy of the dying individuals with whom we work.  All work produced by Rosetta Life in collaboration with the dying is made for them and copyright remains with them.  

Only if a written agreement has been pre-arranged with person[s] of their choice can copyright be bequeathed subsequent to their death.  Where no prior arrangement has been made, no exploitation of a person’s work subsequent to their death is possible.  Where applicable and only with the written consent of the dying individual, copies of work are kept by Rosetta Life.

Work is only made public – to health institutions, community arts centres, or funding bodies – with the written consent of the dying  individual.  The work may not be made public after the individual’s death without this written consent.

Rosetta Life works for the interests of individuals living with terminal illness.  Their wishes determine the creative direction of the work, the form it takes, and – if applicable – its audience.

The wishes of Rosetta Life clients are protected by the clients’   expressed intentions.  If a work is dedicated to a particular individual and the client dies before completion of an artwork the work completed so far is bequeathed to the person for whom it is intended.  In these special circumstances the work itself is given as a gift, but copyright of the work remains with the deceased. “