Research & Development

Stroke survivors work with professional choreographers, composers, singers and movement artists to lay the foundations of a co-created touring production of Stroke Odysseys.

Should artists working health settings expect to be stretched in their work? What is the artist's responsibility if the intervention takes participants to difficult places? Composer Orlando Gough risks some difficult music wth a group of stroke survivors.
When I came round from my stroke the first thing I noticed was...  
A charade-like guessing game leads to the threshold of aphasia
Poet Robert Frost's quote hints at the journey of stroke rehabilitation    
When Kim first surfaced from his stroke he felt he was lost in the world's furthest place... or his partner had fled there.
Stroke survivors tell of when the stroke first struck      
Innocent fun with the nonsense speak of aphasia  
Magali challenges Kim to reveal his mother's name.  To no avail!      
Honora and Lucinda challenge each other with an echoing word game  
Prep school trauma recalled
Stroke survivors and artists describe their participation in Stroke Odysseys Research and Development programme