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Richard Gallon


After school I became a gardener for Haringey borough council and then Glendale the company that had the grounds maintenance contract for St James/Green Park. Where I was cleared to work in Downing St garden In 1994 I gave up being a gardener to become… Read More »Gareth


I am a double award-winning artist from the South West of Ireland. I have a 2:1 in sculpture and one in fine Art printing. I got a distinction and I was given an award for further studies from the Irish American fund for further studies.… Read More »Lil


I was a plumber and an engineer working for a Reading based company for 16 years – I was working there at the time of my stroke (2015). I’m now retired and have recently become a great grandfather. I found Odysseys through the Stroke club and… Read More »Tony

Edilane & Fernando

I’m Edilane, I was born in Brazil, when I was 19, I moved to Portugal. In 2009, I met Fernando, Portuguese by nationality, my garden and the love of my life. I wasn’t sure about it because of all the differences between us, culture, age,… Read More »Edilane & Fernando


I am an ex- teacher.  In 2018 in February I had a stroke. I was at the hospital when a second episode happened and was thrombolised pretty quickly. My face fall and would tick, my left side weakened, my speech was muddled, and sometimes touretteey,… Read More »Fiona

Marcus & Rose

Marcus The is two year stroke. I am aphasia. Difficulty forming complete sentences. My uncoordinated: one foot, legs: one arm. My coordinates more song is same. I am gone Opera! Rose  My name is Rose, wife to Marcus. Marcus had a stroke end of June… Read More »Marcus & Rose


I had my stroke about a about year ago in 2019. This meant I lost my  speech and reading and writing. I found the Rosetta Life Odysseys group wonderful, they could talk to me, with patience and understanding. Even allowing me to help others with… Read More »Hazel


I had my stroke 8 years ago at the age of 44. Before my stroke I worked in a Bodyshop Repair Garage. My duties were collecting and delivering vehicles, talking to customers/suppliers and generally running the office, including workers wages etc. My stroke bought an… Read More »Julie


Before my stroke I was a morris dancer and I played bass guitar in a Ceilidh band. That was one of my big motivations to recover, to be able to play music and dance again. Now, twenty one years later I still dance the Morris… Read More »Andy